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    I had a total left knee replacement about 3 weeks ago, I had some concerns but Dr. Kelley answered all of my questions. Dr. Kelley and his staff worked with my oncologist to make sure any complications would be addressed. After the surgery I needed to stay overnight for observation. I am very happy with the outcome and that I chose him for the procedure.
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    Verified Patient

    Just had my 2nd hip replacement by Dr Kelly, both excellent outcomes. He’s a very competent, precise & conservative(nothing unnecessary) surgeon. I recommend him w/o reservation.
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    Renee Hawthorne

    Dr Kelley did an hip surgery for my husband who at his ages was very rare. the treatment he received before, during and post off was just unremarkable. His bedside manners and his care for his patients are priceless. I would highly recommend him. My husband recovery was awesome, the scar is barely noticeable and his healing process was great. We followed all of Dr. Kelly's instructions and the results are remarkable. Awesome job and awesome surgeon!
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    Rick Clark

    Full hip replacement March 1 2017. Performed by Dr Kelley at UC West Chester. Dr Kelley and his staff were the best. Standing up the day of surgery, walking the day after, and home 30 hrs later!! Looking forward to a speedy return to my every day life.
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    My rehab for my replacement knee has been so easy compared to many others I have talked to with a different doctor. I like his lets do what makes it better attitude instead of trying a dozen things first!!!!

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