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  • By - Paula V

    Dr. Kelley performed a total knee replacement on me 13 months ago. It has completely changed my quality of my life. After the surgery, I had to use a walker for 1 week, a cane for 2 more weeks, then walking unaided. My PT said she had been working with knee patients for 20 years & she had never seen a recovery like mine. She said Dr. Kelley went to the top of her list! My only regret was ‘why did I wait so long’ !
  • By - EK

    I am a physical therapist who has had the pleasure of treating several of Doctor Kelley’s patients. His patients are well informed and state that he is very personable and caring. Additionally, Dotcor Kelley takes a personal interest in his patients and is available to his patients and myself as a physical therapist to increase continuity of care and to improve patient outcomes.

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